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Pets get in on Jedwardmania with new dog clothing range

DEDICATED Jedward fans now have the option of dressing their pets in Jedward-themed clothes.

A new clothing line for dogs inspired by the Lucan twins is being sold online and followers of the pair have already been snapping up the memorabilia.

The T-shirts are featured on website zazzle.co.uk, which also offers customers the option of customising their pets' shirts to incorporate their very own Jedward-inspired logo.

Some of the tops include logos such as 'I love Jedward' and the 'People's Republic of Jedward' complete with a crown in the shape of their infamous quiffs.

The seller of the second T-shirt said: "The People's Republic of Jedward -- not as far fetched as you might think. Last night, on television, it was suggested that they be put in charge of the banks."

And fans on the boys' Twitter page have already announced that they will be picking up some of the outfits as well as creating their own shirts for their pet dogs.

Jedward memorabilia has been extremely popular since the pair became household names on the X Factor, with T-shirts and posters often selling out in stores and at their concerts, but now fans' pets can also embrace Jedwardmania.

The tops are available in a variety of different colours for €25.60. They have proven increasingly popular among fans of the TV sensations.

The over-the-top duo have never been fair from the headlines since their X Factor debut last year and recently found themselves embroiled in a controversy after they were sensationally dropped by their record label Sony and picked up by Universal Records -- all in 24 hours.