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Peter Andre in television breakdown over his children with Katie Price

Peter Andre fought back tears on live television as he declared ''No one is going to take my kids away from me''.

The singer cut a live interview short after questions were put to him about his children, following the ''quickie'' marriage of his ex-wife Katie Price and Alex Reid.

During the interview with Sky News, Andre was shown archive footage of Dwight Yorke, the father of Price's son Harvey, criticising Andre for wanting to adopt the child.

Responding to the clip, which viewers were told Andre had been pre-warned about, the singer said: ''To me, a nice little thank you would be nice. I asked to adopt him because I love him. I didn't ask to adopt him to be disrespectful.

''It angers me when people turn around and I get a comment like that.''

Andre was asked how he might feel if Reid said he wanted to adopt the children.

Pointing a finger, Andre hit back: ''No one is going to take my kids away from me - nobody. Nobody is going to take my kids away from me and I will fight to the death for that. I didn't expect that, I'm sorry... I will die for those children.''

Andre, who is the father of Price's two other children, said he would go to court if such a situation arose, adding: ''I don't really want to talk about this, ok?''

Andre was then asked a question about his tour and appeared to blink back tears as he said, his voice shaking: ''I'd rather just stop this if that's all right?''

Presenter Kay Burley apologised to Andre for upsetting him.

The singer replied: ''No it's ok, thank you.''

Earlier, Andre had said he was going to spend tonight cooking his children a ''nice meal''.

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