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People saying I faked 'nip slip' to raise my profile is just weird, says Daniella

MODEL-turned-TV presenter Daniella Moyles has hit out at critics who accused her of staging her recent wardrobe malfunction to garner more publicity.

The 24-year-old was left red-faced earlier this month after the red blazer she was wearing by Irish designer Sarah O'Neill, slipped to the side revealing more cleavage than the model had hoped for.

While the 'nip slip' was embarrassing, the Kildare native says the incident was not the end of the world and labelled her critics as "weird".

"It's pretty annoying when you see stuff online saying I did it on purpose," Daniella told The Diary.

"Firstly, who in their right mind would do that and, secondly, I feel that the people who think that are pretty weird to be honest."

Daniella denied the mishap was a publicity stunt to boost her professional profile.

"It hasn't done anything for my profile at work so if anybody is thinking of doing it then don't," she laughed.

Daniella wore a low-cut red blazer, without any top underneath, with skin-tight shiny leggings and strappy sandals to entertainment awards, the Erics, in the Village, Dublin, on January 17 last.

While she is used to seeing her face and body splashed across the front of newspapers, Daniella says that she was surprised at the level of publicity attracted by the slip- up. "I couldn't believe what a fuss it was. I was in a rush going to that event and whatever happened, happened.

"Then when I woke up the next morning it was like I had saved someone from a fire," she added. "I never realised boobs had such an impact."

While she is taking it on the chin, the incident was embarrassing for her family, particularly her musician and presenter boyfriend Dara Quilty and the male members of her family.

"The males in my life would rather that it wasn't in a national newspaper. My dad is a lecturer and the students in his class had it out which wasn't pleasant for him," said Daniella.


"I was so embarrassed because it wasn't a grainy photo -- it was as clear as crystal. I have a massive family -- Ireland is too small for stuff like that."

Despite the criticism and the embarrassment, the model, who is training to take part in the gruelling Hell And Back challenge in Bray this weekend, was not letting the incident get to her.

"It was something embarrassing that happened and my father, boyfriend and brother weren't very happy, but you know it's not the end of the world."

Daniella made headlines for other reasons after the Movie Show on which she featured as a roving reporter, was suspended due to low ratings.

While she waits on the future of the RTE Two series, Daniella is already in talks regarding other productions with the TV station.

"I'm lucky that I haven't had many dry spells, but again you have to have a thick skin," she added.

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