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People assume I'm into myself, but really I like the craic - Holly


Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter

OVER a year ago model Holly Carpenter competed in the high-stakes show Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (BINTM), and the Dubliner has been reflecting on how her life has changed since then.

"When you do a show outside of Ireland it's a great thing to get because it's not so easy," she told the Herald.

"I learned a lot on the show as well because we were mentored everyday by a supermodel so it was just amazing, you can't buy that kind of experience," she said.

The brunette, who split up with her boyfriend of two years - rugby star Cian Healy (inset) - last month, is now represented by Assets Model Agency.

"TV is something I really enjoy, even things like judging the races a few weeks ago. I was presenting the prizes and talking to the crowd, and I think since I did an acting course in the Gaiety, I'm not as nervous," she said.

It is clear to anyone who follows the Clontarf-native on social media that the model has a relaxed attitude to life under a showbiz lens.

"I think when you are a model people make assumptions about you and assume you're going to be really into yourself and so image conscious all the time and all of that.

"I don't take myself too seriously. It's nice to just have the craic and show people I have hangovers, I fall over in public," she added.

Speaking to U Magazine, Holly said she regularly gets recognised while out and about.

"Sometimes if I'm in a bathroom on a night out girls might be whispering at each other and that kind of makes me paranoid.


"But then other times girls come up and say they loved me on BINTM and 'I follow you on Instagram' and we'll take a selfie together. I love that because I'm such a girls' girl, so I love chatting and exchanging make-up tips."

And Holly, who put her breakup behind her with a recent girly holiday to Marbella, said she would not rule out a relocation to the UK.

"I know there are so many opportunities out there so I'd definitely love to get a London agency to represent me," she said. "It's only an hour's flight away so it's something I'm willing to do."