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Pat Shortt is a smart guy but Mattie is awful

PAT Shortt, the eejit of Killinaskully is one of the warmest, most likeable men I've ever met. I've always found him hugely engaging on a personal level and honestly funny.

And as down-to-earth and as friendly as he comes across, he's one shrewd player. From stand-up to hit television shows, and to award-winning film performances, Pat Shortt is no amadan.


So why on earth did he have anything to do with RTE 'comedy' series Mattie?

How RTE could have seen the final cut and allowed it to be aired at all is a mystery of Fatima proportions.

Truly the worst television I have seen in a long, long time, it was clunky, painful to watch and I'd be hard pressed to put the word funny in the same paragraph as this tripe.

Pat, dear Pat -- you're a smart man. What were you thinking?