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Party girls head for the countryside in new reality TV show

Model Michele McGrath (25) will be swapping her Jimmy Choos for wellies after signing up to new RTE show ICA Bootcamp.

The brunette beauty, who also hostesses at Buck Whaley's club, has signed on as one of the four stars of a reality programme centred around the Irish Countrywomen's Association.

The one-off show, which airs on RTE 2 on September 28, is a bid to encourage our young glamour girls to get back to basics and instill some traditional values in them.

And a source has revealed how the ladies are taken out of their comfort zone completely after having to move into the ICA's base An Grianan in Termonfeckin, Co Louth.


Although RTE is keeping the identities of the participants under wraps until closer to the transmission time, the Herald can reveal that socialite Emily O'Donnell will be joining Michele on the programme.

"The whole idea around the show is to take four girls from different walks of life and send them somewhere completely different like the ICA to see how they would cope," said a source. "Emily and Michele are meant to represent the epitome of the Celtic Tiger generation, two party girls who are often pictured at launches and parties and like to mix in the right social set.

"So programme chiefs took away their phones, banned them from using the internet and sent them down to Termonfeckin for a week to try and teach them some old fashioned female values.


"It was a real eye opener for them as the women in charge are very down-to-earth and wouldn't tolerate any of the superficial nonsense that often goes on in Dublin."

Among the tasks that the girls have to complete is to make their own clothes, learn how to cook and also about the value of keeping to a budget when times are tight.

A spokesman said: "For most women under the age of 35, our economic order is something of a shock. They have lived all their adult lives in times of plenty and many are finding it hard to adapt to this new reality.

"The solution? Maybe we need to revisit and re-learn some old fashioned values and skills -- and that's where the ICA comes in!"