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Paris gets spoilt on her birthday

Paris Hilton's boyfriend did not disappoint when it came to spoiling the heiress on her 29th birthday.

Doug Reinhardt clearly did the right thing after Paris gave her seal of approval with a series of gushing messages on Twitter.

She tweeted: "So sweet, this morning Doug cooked me pancakes for breakfast in bed with big balloons, presents and the most beautiful heartfelt card. Love!"

Later she wrote: "Had a Romantic lunch with Doug at the Ivy, then he took me shopping at 1 of my favourite stores Maxfields and bought me tons of pressies! :)"

Then after a family dinner she added: "Doug gave the most beautiful birthday speech to me at dinner in front of my family. So sweet!"

The couple have been at the centre of rumours that the baseball star had proposed to the socialite.

But Paris's mother Kathy dismissed the reports, saying that her daughter "hasn't mentioned it to me".

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