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Pamela shaken as impostor uses her model pictures on dating website

DUBLIN model Pamela Ryan has been left shaken after she found out an impostor was posing as her on a dating website looking for a relationship with men.

The Buck Whaley's hostess told the Herald that a stranger emailed her this week to warn her that someone had created a fake profile on a dating website and was using several of her private pictures to try to attract men.

With the headline "keeping my options open, looking for men", the fake account claimed to be a Polish girl named Monica and said she lived in Dublin and was looking for fun.

"A random guy emailed me this week and told me that he had found my picture on a dating website. I looked it up and there was an ad up on the site with all my pictures up there, it was so scary to see.

"The ad said that the girl's name was Monica and that she was a Polish secondary school girl living in Dublin for the last three years.

"It said on her profile that she had just got out of a serious relationship and was looking for someone new," she said.

After being notified, Assets model Pamela (19) quickly contacted the dating site in question and asked the owners to take down the ad immediately.

Pamela told the Herald that she has been left extremely shaken by the situation and is scared to share more of her pictures online.

But the Drimnagh native admitted posting pictures of herself through social networking is a part of her job and most aspiring models do the exact same thing.

"This has really upset me. I emailed the site and told them that the account was fake and that it wasn't me.

"I told them to take the ad off immediately and thankfully they did. It's clear that young girls with attractive pictures are definitely attracting the wrong kind of men.

"But if you are in the modelling industry it's much tougher for girls, because you need to have your face out there in public more often. After this I really think girls need to be a lot more careful about what information they share on the internet," she said.


Pamela said she was extremely upset when she realised the photo used was on her personal Facebook site, meaning that someone she knows stole the picture and created the fake account.

"The worst part about the whole situation is that it has to have been one of my friends on Facebook that did this.

"It's shocking to think someone could do that to me, it's so dangerous that men out there were contacting this person thinking it was me.

"I'm just glad someone spotted it and told me about it. Hopefully girls will be more careful of what they share online in the future," she said.