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Palace denies those rumours - no, Kate does not have peanut allergy

It took six month to get going -- but now Kate's "is-she, isn't-she pregnant" game is in full swing.

The refusal by the Duchess of Cambridge to taste a peanut paste during a visit to a charity with her husband has really got the rumour mill spinning.

Her husband, Prince William, gamely had a taste of the high energy food, designed for use by agencies working in famine areas, on a trip to Denmark this week.

But Kate declined to try it.

Pregnant women are often advised to avoid eating peanuts. Buckingham Palace officials were reported to have denied that Kate has a peanut allergy.

Meanwhile, the other royal bride of the year, Princess Charlene of Monaco, has broken her silence to deny reports that she was a reluctant, almost runaway bride in the run-up to her marriage to Prince Albert four months ago.

The South African former Olympic swimmer dismissed as "hilarious" rumours that she tried to buy a one-way ticket home to Johannesburg two days before the ceremony. At her husband's side for their first joint TV interview since the lavish ¤60m wedding, she said: "Why would we go through all this effort to have our dearest friends come join us, for us to be reluctant?"

Prince Albert added: "My family have long been the subject of rumours born out of jealousy."