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Pain etched on Zara's face

IRISH pop star Una Healy says rugby ace Mike Tindall did not cheat on Zara Phillips and the entire incident has been "blown out of proportion".

The Tipperary singer, who is good friends with the couple, says her own partner Ben Foden was with Tindall on the night CCTV footage emerged of him being kissed on the head by a blonde woman in New Zealand.

The Saturdays star says the woman in question is an old friend of Tindall's.

"I think the thing with Mike is really unfair. It was all blown out of proportion. Mike is the most high profile player and he's married to Zara and the CCTV made him look bad. But Ben was there as well that night and he said it was just a harmless night out and the girl Mike was talking to was actually at the wedding and I was at it.

"She's a life-long friend, she was in no way 'mysterious'. They were saying that all the lads were posing in pictures with girls, but that's normal. The lads are not going to say no to a picture," she said.

Una, who is expecting a child with Ben, says she doesn't worry about her partner being unfaithful while he's abroad with his sports team.

"I don't worry at all about Ben. I know the boys wouldn't do anything wrong. Men are going to talk to both boys and girls. I'm not going to turn around to someone and say, 'I can't talk to you because you are a boy', and it's the same for Ben."

Queen Elizabeth's grand-daughter Zara Phillips arrived in New Zealand on Wednesday to spend time with her new husband.

He faced the press for the first time yesterday but avoided answering any awkward questions.

The England captain looked uncomfortable when asked about the incident, in which he was filmed cavorting with the blonde friend.

Tindall (32), who married Zara in July, was caught pressing his head in a girl's cleavage during a boozy night two weeks ago.

Asked if coverage of the incident would affect his performance this weekend, the sheepish centre said: "Nope."

Meanwhile, flamed-haired songstress Una has revealed she won't be heading over to New Zealand to support her sports ace boyfriend due to scheduling conflicts with her upcoming tour and album release with the band.

She said: "I can't go over at all. I can't get the time because we're really busy, we have rehearsals for the tour starting soon and we have a new single coming out in November, we've got the album coming out and new music videos to shoot.

"And it's so far away, if it was over in France -- no problem, I would pop over but it's twice the journey of LA and you have to break it up and wait around. It's 11 hours ahead. But I have been watching the matches, I've been watching them while I'm having breakfast, that's the best way to do it.

"We are still keeping in touch and Skyping all the time. It wasn't too bad, him being away when the news broke of the pregnancy, we've both known about it for ages and he's been through everything with me. He's away doing his thing and there is nothing he can do about it."