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PAIN: Actress mum tells how doctors helped her

ACTRESS Tara Leniston has opened up about her battle with post-natal depression following the birth of her 13-month-old son Dylan.

The new mum (27) revealed how difficult it was to cope following the birth of her first child, admitting she began to "hate" herself after giving birth to her adorable son with fiance Andrew Fowler.

And she explained she felt isolated because her family is scattered around the globe.

Speaking to the Herald, she said: "No one really knows what it is, and it was particularly hard for me because none of my family members were living here.

"Basically, I was all on my own, then all of a sudden, there was this baby and I thought, 'Oh my God'.


"A lot of people think with post-natal depression, you think, 'I hate my baby' or 'I want to harm my baby', but I adored my baby, it was me I hated.

"Every time he cried, I thought he hated me. And the sleep deprivation didn't help. I wasn't feeling like myself.

"I was really very much on own, and I missed my mum so much during that time, you feel so helpless, like you can't do anything.

"But I was always told, 'It's just the baby blues, you're fine'. But I was thinking, 'I'm not'."

The blonde beauty explained that she realised one day that she needed help when she had a "meltdown" over a minor issue, which she laughs about now. "It was basically one day when there was no milk in the fridge that I had an absolute meltdown, and Andrew said to me, 'I think you need to talk to someone'.

"You do the best you can, and I'm lucky that I have very good friends who would make sure they saw me, if I didn't want to," she explained. "Even if I told them that I was too tired, they would say, 'I'm coming anyway'.

"So I began talking to a psychiatrist in Holles Street and they're brilliant. It really does help, and I would encourage any woman who is feeling that way to go and talk to someone.

"I think a lot of women do experience post-natal depression, but more often than not, they don't want to admit it, because it seems like there's a big to-do about it.

"I made sure I went for walks, and would exercise, and set goals for myself, like having to fit back into my old jeans. Now I feel more like myself."

Tara is now focusing on her health, and being a full-time mum before a return to acting.

"Dylan is just the cutest little thing, he's such a little entertainer.

"He just took his first steps, I was just holding his hands in the garden, and he was really proud of himself."