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Our X Factor hopefuls are sticking together

TWO Irish teens who are both serious contenders for this year's X Factor competition have bonded through the pressure of intense competition.

Tyrone native Janet Devlin (16) has struck up a friendship with Dublin contestant Melanie McCabe. The pair met at the early stages of the auditions and now sources say that they are inseparable.

"All the Irish have definitely stuck together in the competition," a source revealed. "There is a lot of waiting around and finding out if you are through, and Janet and Melanie have really been there for each other. They are both young and so ambitious, they are very alike."

Whitehall native Melanie (18) will debut her soulful voice this Saturday night. This is her second time on the talent show and sources reveal that Louis remembered her straight away.

Melanie's mother told the Herald that she has been doing brilliantly so far, and it's great that she has made such good friends.

"She's not homesick at all over in London which is great, she's made some good friends and she's having a ball over there. I've met Janet and she's lovely," she said.

An insider told the Herald that the pair are sticking together over in London, as they are in the same category, and have been friends since the beginning. "Melanie and Janet have been getting on like a house on fire and they are among the youngest girls there.

"Throughout boot camp they have been in the same big room all the time and they've always stayed close by," the source said.

However despite their growing friendship, if this talented pair make it to the finals or even the judges' houses they will be placed in the same category, meaning they will be battling against each other for their dream career and a record contract.

But their blossoming friendship might never have occurred, if it had been up to Melanie's mother Clare. She admitted that after being told no the last time she had entered the competition, she was hoping Melanie would change her mind.

"I was a bit nervous this year, I was trying to turn her off from trying again but she was more mature going into it this time. Of course she was upset she didn't get through the last time but even then she didn't get one negative comment from the judges.

"But now I'm glad she didn't get through last time, she was far too young and it would have ruined her life. Now she's ready" she said.