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Our Donal will cook up a storm in Junior Masterchef, says Nick

MASTERCHEF presenter Nick Munier is predicting big things for Kitchen Hero Donal Skehan.

The owner of Pichet on Trinity Lane said that landing a role on the CBBC series Junior Masterchef was a fantastic opportunity for the blogger and TV chef and would open a lot of doors.

"I think it's amazing for him and well deserved, he's very talented. He's achieved an awful lot and doing Junior Masterchef is going to be a great platform for him in the UK. It's really going to get his name out there," Nick told the Herald.

Donal (26) will be joining Masterchef veteran John Torode on the BAFTA award-winning series.

Donal, who is being described as Ireland's answer to Jamie Oliver, said: "I'm really excited but the true stars of the show are the young cooks who took part. They never stopped surprising me with their talents."

Nick said he is an admirer of both Donal and the show and hopes that the chef and author will return to Ireland to present the Irish version.

"It would be great if there was an Irish Junior Masterchef. I feel like we've been talking about it for years. Maybe if Donal agrees to come over and present it, it will happen."


Nick caused a furore earlier this year when he said that he did not think children should be allowed in restaurants.

But the TV star said he thought any programme that encouraged youngsters to get into the kitchen was positive.

Masterchef Ireland returned last week. And Nick said that some of the dishes they had been served up this year fell far from the mark.

"The worst dish we got served was a rabbit and offal dish. It was horrific; it was a nightmare on the plate. We've never got food poisoning, because we try very small portions, but we did have to rush to the toilet one time -- luckily we didn't film that."