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Our Cathy shared bed with The Wire's West

AN IRISH actress is set to be the envy of red-blooded females everywhere after revealing that she shared a bed with The Wire's Dominic West.

Cathy Belton, who is currently at the Peacock Theatre in Dublin, revealed that she and the British actor were once flatmates in Paris.

The pair became firm friends while studying at Trinity College in Dublin.

But while they shared a bed for six months, they were never in it at the same time.

"There was nothing like that, we were just flatmates," she laughed.

The two lived in Paris for six months along with Irish actress Emer Shaw and Irish film producer Lesley McKimm.

The four stayed in a "dodgy" hotel before finding the tiny apartment for rent.

"The four of us ended up in a one-bedroom apartment.

"We took turns to sleep in the bed, it would be given to whoever was the most exhausted on any given day."

Cathy is in 16 Possible Glimpses at the Peacock Theatre until October 29.