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Ouch! The day Eve ran into Robbie...

AS BONO's eldest daughter Eve Hewson might be used to mingling with the world's biggest stars but the budding actress admits she was tongue tied when Robbie Williams came to stay.

The 20-year-old admitted that having the Take That star stay at their Dublin home left her starstruck.

"I remember Robbie Williams coming to stay, because that was a really big deal and I was eight and obsessed with him.

"He was staying in an annexe to the house, called the Folly. I had to tell him that lunch was ready. I was so excited, I ran so fast down the steps that I didn't see him coming. I ran smack into his crotch.


"I thought it was so funny, I told everyone for a year that I ran into Robbie Williams' family jewels," said the Killiney native.

Despite having U2's frontman and multi-millionaire for a father, the 20-year-old explained that she and her siblings were never spoiled growing up.

"I had a really solid upbringing. My childhood friends were nuts. We ran around in costumes making crazy home videos. We lived a fairytale.

"Sometimes parents can be too supportive and convince a child they're the next big thing. That can screw with a person's head, because they'll think that everything is going to work out for them -- and it won't. Mine have given me a sense of reality, thank God."

Eve, who lives in New York, has also rubbished rumours that she and boyfriend, One Tree Hill star James Lafferty, have had a tumultuous relationship.