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Other side of lens for Jenny

TV3 star Martin King says his fiancee Jenny McCarthy is looking forward to being on the other side of the camera when she walks down the aisle later this year.

The romantic weatherman proposed on bended knee to photographer Jenny on Christmas Eve.

And Martin, who hopes they tie the knot in October, says Jenny won't be going near a camera on her big day.

The glamorous brunette is one of the country's best known photographers and is in huge demand when it comes to capturing the happy memories of other newlyweds on their big day.

"We're thinking late October or maybe early November to get married," he told the Diary.

"All we know for definite is that it will be this year. And we're going to give Jenny the day off," he laughed.

Martin, who presents TV3's The Morning Show alongside Sybil Mulcahy, is determined the couple will opt for a low-key wedding despite both of them being in the public eye.

He said that neither of them were interested in glitz and glitter on the big day.

"I don't think it will be a big showbiz wedding. We did discuss that as soon as we announced the engagement but it's not something either of us are interested in," he explained.

"We plan to just keep it small and intimate with our kids, family members and close friends and work colleagues."

He said no decision had been made about the venue.

"We're very fortunate in that a few places did ring and ask us if we would like to get married there so we're still in the process of deciding at the moment.

"We're going to make our minds up in the next few weeks," he added.

The couple, who have five children between them, met when Martin was a presenter on 98FM and Jenny was one of its 'Thunder Girls'.