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Osmonds halt show in suicide grief

Donny and Marie Osmond are cancelling their shows at the Flamingo Las Vegas hotel while she copes with the death of her son.

Marie Osmond's publicist Alan Nierob said that it's been a difficult time for the Osmonds, and the performer needed to spend more with her family.

The Osmonds returned to the stage on March 9 after funeral services for Michael Bryan (18).

Los Angeles police have said Bryan died of an apparent suicide after jumping from the eighth floor of an apartment building. Autopsy and toxicology results are pending.

Nierob says the Osmonds will miss five shows before the Donny & Marie show resumes performances on March 23.

The day after Osmond's suicide son's funeral, Marie dressed as an angel to dedicate a song to him.

She told fans in Las Vegas that she has relied on her spirituality to cope with the death of Michael.

"Little did I know I would be relying on my faith, especially as much as I did this past week," Osmond said.

Osmond genuflected and reached out her right hand as she sang the song amid a starry backdrop.

"How she got through that I will never know," her brother Donny said after his sister's solo performance. I hope you all appreciate what she's going through," he said. "She's a strong woman."