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Oscar-winner who pays just €730 for Manhattan pad

Faye Dunaway is being sued by her landlord over claims she is fraudulently benefiting from New York rent-control laws.

The Oscar-winning actress, best-known for her role in Bonnie And Clyde, is paying only $1,048 (¤734) a month for her one-bedroom pad on the Upper East Side, perhaps just half the regular market rate.

The problem, according to her landlord, is that rent control is only supposed to be available to those who use their apartments as their primary residences.

In court papers filed in the Manhattan housing court this week, the plaintiff suggests the actress spends most of her time not under his roof but in West Hollywood in California.

In theory, Dunaway (70), whose other top-billing roles were in the films Chinatown, Network, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Champ, can go to her first hearing scheduled for next Thursday at 2pm. Or she could send her son, Liam Dunaway O'Neill -- who is from her marriage to the British photographer, Terry O'Neill -- since he is listed as a sub-tenant on the lease.

Among New Yorkers, few things are more coveted than having the keys to one of the million rent-controlled apartments left in the city. But the rules about who should have them are complicated and strict. No one from either side has so far commented on the Dunaway case.