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Oops! Fair City Jade's wearing Rosanna dress

Fair City star Jade Yourell has made the ultimate fashion faux pas, by wearing the same dress as Rosanna Davison seven months after the model first wore it.

The bright red, figure-hugging dress by Dawn Fitzgerald caught attention when the former Miss World first wore it hosting last year's Miss Universe Ireland pageant -- and again when Jade chose to wear it at this year's IFTAs.

The design is one of Fitzgerald's signature styles and the up-and-coming designer has defended the fact that the same dress was used at two of the biggest red-carpet events in the country.

"I think they were both worn so differently. They both have a completely different look. Jade wore it in such a Fifties-style look, whereas when Rosanna wore it presenting Miss Universe, it was a less stylised version," Dawn told the Herald.

"They are two different dresses, the bust is quite different in both," she said.

When asked if she had admired Rosanna's dress prior to her IFTA appearance, the Galway native quashed any suggestions that she copied the model's style.

Jade admitted she had no clue that the Assets model wore the strikingly similar dress just months prior to her IFTA appearance, where she was revelling in her nomination for Best Actress in a Lead Role.

"I saw it in the Design Centre and I love red. I was a bit afraid of the bottom but people in the store kept looking at me and that was exactly the reaction I wanted."


Although she lost out on the night to Saoirse Ronan for her performance in the Lovely Bones, the actress and socialite spoke about the excitement at being nominated.

"It was an amazing night. It was so exciting from beginning to end. It's a bit of a blur now and it only just set in today I think.

And Rosanna said that although she doesn't know the actress, she was impressed with the outfit. "The dress was lent to me by my friend Dawn Fitzgerald last summer for Miss Universe, but I had no idea that Jade would be wearing it to the IFTAs and I don't actually know her personally. I did think she looked stunning in it though," she said.

Dawn explained that her simple designs have proven popular among celebrities as they accentuate women's curves. "As far as I know, Jade saw the dress in the window of the Design Centre and commented on what a striking colour it was. The red is just so beautiful and once she put it on, that was it.

"I like simple silks, I try to create dresses that show off a woman's figure. I prefer not to overdo my designs -- I don't use a lot of lace and fussy materials."

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