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Ooh la la! French slap ban on raunchy Rihanna's Irish video

RIHANNA'S Irish field trip has proved too sexy for her French fans.

The singer may think the video for We Found Love is her best ever, but her risque dance around Ireland has landed her in hot water yet again.

France has banned the video from appearing on television before 10pm because of its explicit content.

The clip, which was filmed in several locations across Northern Ireland, first caused controversy when Bangor farmer and DUP councillor Alan Graham demanded that raunchy filming on his land be stopped, because he deemed it "inappropriate".

Now, the Supreme Council of Audiovisual of France (CSA) has banned the release of the clip on any French channel before the watershed.

According to organisation, the clip contains far too much footage showing its stars acting in a "self-destructive" fashion, taking part in "domestic violence", taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Rihanna and former British Olympic boxing hopeful, Dudley O'Shaughnessy, who plays her boyfriend in the video, also appear in scenes of "pronounced suggestive" content, the CSA said.

It insisted that the popular video was thus not suitable for a young audience and it was censored this week, despite the success of the song on national radio charts. We Found Love is the first single from the star's new album Talk That Talk, and has achieved the highest number of sales in France over five weeks. It is currently the most played song on French radio.

Barbadian Rihanna (23) is well known for her provocative songs and videos.

We Found Love is comparatively tame against one of her previous hits, entitled S&M, which was banned in as many as 11 countries, including our Gallic neighbours.

The video featured the gorgeous performer sucking on a banana, simulating sex with a blow-up doll and leading American celebrity blogger Perez Hilton around on a dog's lead.


Raunchy Rihanna has also been warned to tame down her stage act when she returns to The X Factor tomorrow night.

TV watchdogs in the UK will be keeping a close eye on her performance after she stripped down to a pair of knickers, fishnet tights and a bra on last year's live final.

That act sparked more than 5,000 complaints from viewers who were mostly outraged parents. They claimed her act was "unsuitable" for a family show.

Despite the controversy, X Factor bosses have agreed to let her back on the show but producers warned she'll have "to tone it down a bit".