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Online dating? I just met eejits – Claudia


Claudia Carroll Favourites  PIx Ronan Lang/Feature File

Claudia Carroll Favourites PIx Ronan Lang/Feature File

Claudia Carroll Favourites PIx Ronan Lang/Feature File

AUTHOR Claudia Carroll has made a successful career out of romantic novels, but is still looking for love.

THE best-selling writer is currently single, but has ruled out online dating after some bad experiences.

"I just met eejits. Liars. When a fella says he's 40, it means he's 60; when a fella says he likes a drink, it means he is a raving alcoholic."

The Dubliner shot to fame playing the role of scheming Nicola Prendergast in the RTE soap 'Fair City'.

"The joke is I went in for a week and stayed for 14 years," she said.

She wrote her first three novels while still working on 'Fair City', but then decided to focus her attention on her writing.

Even though she keeps in touch the cast and crew, she misses the camaraderie of the long-running soap.

"You miss the people and you miss the craic. There was always messing going on. You would go into the make-up room at half six in the morning and there was always gossip," she said.

However, Claudia added: "Having said that, writing is the best job in the world."

A number of her novels have been 'optioned' in Hollywood.


Claudia's latest and tenth book 'Me And You' centres on two best friends, Angie and Kitty, and what happens when one of them goes missing.

Speaking about the inspiration for the book Claudia said: "I remember reading an article and it was the head of a missing persons bureau in Ireland and he said something like 94pc of people who go missing do so voluntarily.

"They just check out of their own lives. They walk away from jobs, families, careers, homes and just go.

"There is a missing person's board on the internet. It would break your heart.

"There are family members on it saying, 'We won't try to get in touch, but please just let us know that you are alive and okay'."