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One Show's Manford says sorry for Tweets to fan in lacy bra

One Show host Jason Manford has apologised after it was revealed he exchanged a series of Twitter messages with a female fan.

The married comedian (29) shared private messages with Debra McNamee (22) after she contacted him through the social networking site.

Father-of-two Manford said: "I can see now that what started out as a bit of messing about and having a laugh on Twitter has been misjudged and I'd like to apologise to anyone that this has offended."


According to reports, the presenter, who hosts BBC1's flagship show, received two pictures of Ms McNamee, including a close-up of herself wearing a lacy bra.

She told a newspaper: "At first he just asked me about my dog and and what I was up to and things like that. But after a while it started to get a bit more flirty."

It was reported that Manford was first contacted by Ms McNamee on October 22. A day later, he sent her a private message.

Ms McNamee, from Wolverhampton, added: "He'd ask me for photos and then tell me how excited he was by them. I'm a big fan of his and just think I got caught up in the excitement of Tweeting someone famous."

Manford, whose wife Catherine is an actress, took over presenting The One Show from Adrian Chiles in July and works alongside Welsh co-host Alex Jones. He is an avid user of Twitter.