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One Direction for Niall and it's not love with Amelia, says brother

ONE Direction star Niall Horan's brother has slammed rumours of a relationship between Niall and X Factor finalist Amelia Lily.

The Mullingar pop star met Amelia while filming the video for X Factor charity single Wishing On A Star.

There were reports that the two have now begun quietly dating.

But the What Makes You Beautiful singer told his brother Greg that it was nothing but idle gossip.

Greg (24) is hugely proud of his younger brother and said that he's not off the market yet.

"I asked him about that and he said it's not true. He said they are only friends," he told the Herald.

"She asked him advice because she rates him.

"They are all keeping it low-key at the moment because they want to focus on their careers. I think they are well trained because they have to be," he added.

Amelia (17) rejected the suggestion that they were the next romance to emerge from the talent show.

And she said she'd have to turn Niall (18), pictured above, down if he asked her on a date. "He's a good friend but if he asked me out for dinner I wouldn't say 'yes' right now, I'm too busy. I've no time for boys. I'm only young, there is plenty of time," she said.

Greg said One Direction, who came third in the X Factor last year, had been providing advice to the other acts.

He added: "The boys are great fans of Little Mix and Amelia, too. I don't think any of them are in it only for the money."