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One Direction cancel show here to focus on rock night

X FACTOR stars One Direction will do anything to wow audiences with their double performance this weekend -- even cancelling an Irish appearance at the last minute.

As the teen heartthrobs have been thrust into the limelight since reaching the show's finals, they are more determined than ever to win -- and doing their best to cope with the pressure.

With the number of acts dwindling, the band is gearing up to show off their vocals and perform two songs on Saturday and can't focus on anything else in the meantime.

And Irish fans were left disappointed when they pulled out of an appearance in Niall Horan's hometown of Mullingar to officially switch on their Christmas lights, due to "work commitments".

While their schedule may be jam-packed with rehearsals, they are now practising round the clock before taking to the stage to perform on the rock-themed show.

Niall's father Bobby told the Herald: "Well it is a bit disappointing for the town, a lot of people were expecting them. But it's due to work commitments, they're doing two songs to do this week, and obviously it takes a bit longer to do the two."

Mr Horan, who works in Tesco, said that customers are constantly grilling him for updates about his son, and some were gutted when they realised the boys wouldn't be making it into town.

"In their faces you can see they're disappointed. Everyone is very interested in them, there has been great support," he added.

Bobby said that he has worked in the town for 35 years and has become a well-known figure in the community -- but has been elevated to a new celebrity status since his son's debut on the reality show.

Niall (16) is "living his dream" according to his proud dad, and said that he never expected to be so successful on the programme.

"It's surreal when you see it, we're just ordinary people. It's like doing the Lotto, you don't expect to win it and he didn't expect it go so far, but they're still there."