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On-air spat with wife was all a joke says Ray

WHATEVER about fighting with your wife in public, you should never have a spat on the national airwaves.

Unless you are Today FM shock jock Ray Foley, who stunned his public last week with an argument with his wife of three years.

The popular broadcaster told the Herald how the apparently serious row between himself and Kate on his Ray Foley Show was actually all for comic effect.

Listeners of his midday show on Thursday will have heard Kate ring in to the station and give her joker hubby an earful after he claimed that he was the perfect husband and never gives his wife any cause for complaint.

Ray (30) explained how he had been having an on-air discussion with his colleagues, fellow presenter JP and producer Anne Gleeson, about the results of a survey when Kate's phonecall came in.

He insists, however, that the couple had actually pre-recorded the stunt in advance of the show, with the Mayo man even writing a script for his wife.

"We're absolutely fine. It was all just a p***-take for the show," he explained. "It all came about after there was a survey in one of the papers that said that 57pc of Irish people find their home life to be more stressful than their workplace.

"I said, 'I don't know why that is because I never feel stressed at home. Maybe I'm just the perfect man and husband'.

"For a laugh then we got Kate to ring in and give out to me and start listing out all the things I do wrong.

"I wrote the script for her and we rehearsed it before we pre-recorded it for the show."