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OMG! MC joining Jedward and Vanilla Ice for Africa gigs

JEDWARD's star is still on the rise. They may have lost out on winning The X Factor last year, but they are overshadowing all of this year's contestants.

While 2010 has proven to be one of the most controversial and talked about series ever, the Lucan twins (19) are still coming out on top.

They are taking the music industry by storm and have just touched down in South Africa, where they will be joining cheesy Nineties stars MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, who are in town for a massive dance gig.

Both rap stars tasted fame in the early 1990s, but are on a comeback tour for their cult following in South Africa -- and will be joined by the quiff-haired twins.

The Dubliners are no stranger to working with Vanilla Ice, who sang with them on their debut single, Ice Ice Baby.

MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice have come together as part of an exclusive festival entitled Back 2 Kool, playing in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, where organisers promise the performers will "have you dust off your dancing moves from the 90s with classics such as Ice Ice Baby, Can't Touch This and Rhythm Is A Dancer".

Jedward are currently in South Africa filming for yet another big campaign, hot on the heels of becoming the faces of fast food chain Abrakebabra.

The boys tweeted yesterday morning: "First landing in South Africa, one step for man, one huge step for Jedward".

Manager Louis Walsh's vow that Jedward would be millionaires by the end of this year seems to be on the mark as the boys are currently in talks to make a fly-on-the-wall TV series for BBC, following on from the success of their ITV series.

"They're also in the panto, they're up for a possible TV series on BBC, there's so much happening in Jedward-land," said Louis.


"They're making a fortune -- they pay me, I work for them and they have made an awful lot of money. The thing is, they're not in it for the money, they just love it, they live it and breathe it."

The pair jetted home to join a host of stars including Westlife and Olly Murs at the recent Cheerios Childline concert in the O2 arena.

They have completed a sell-out tour all over Britain and will take to the stage at the Olympia Theatre to play the part of the Fairy Godbrothers in Cinderella, for which they will receive a cool €100,000 fee.