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OMG! Jedward's new TV show makes fans' dreams come true

CHILDREN are being given the chance to make their biggest dreams come true --and it's all thanks to Jedward's new RTE show.

After their success on this year's Big Brother, the famous Lucan duo have started filming their own ten-part series called OMG! Jedward's Dream Factory which will see the Eurovision stars aim to fulfil the dreams of children from the age of eight to 16.

Fresh from their German tour, John and Edward (19) have been filming the show at RTE's studios in Donnybrook.

"The show is just magnificent for young kids. John and Edward have been great as presenters, everyone says they have been really easy to work with," an insider explained.

"Although it's a fun show it is touching to see young kids have their dreams become a reality, the guys know it's a big deal.


"Already some Irish kids have had their dreams come true. One child got to become a garda for the day, and a little girl was ecstatic when she got to play a game of football with the Ireland team.

"The children take part in the special day set out for them and then go to the studio to meet Jedward. They had thousands of applicants to pick from."

Dozens of youngsters turned up at RTE earlier this week after word spread that the twins were filming.

"Suddenly hundreds of kids were waiting outside screaming for the guys to come out," the sourced added.

"A lucky few got to meet the guys, they were over the moon. It's clear these guys are going to be really successful with this show."

Jedward will continue intense filming today and will have the entire ten-part series finished this week before jetting off to Europe again.

While planning their Eurovision comeback for 2012, the pair will also star in this year's Christmas panto, Jedward and The Beanstalk, alongside Linda Martin.

The twins will star in the show from December 21 until January 8 before heading off to Russia, Sweden, Estonia and back to Germany for another tour.