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OMG! Jedward to unveil their waxwork doubles

JEDWARD are set to join music legends Phil Lynott and U2 at the National Wax Museum.

The pop twins will unveil their own waxworks in the Grand Hall of the museum next week.

John and Edward (21) told the Herald they are delighted fans will be able to hang out with their wax doppelgangers when they're out of town.

"There's going to be a twin set of us," said John. "It means all our fans can spend time with us when we're not in Dublin. How cool is that? We'll be in Dublin all the time." The Grimes twins will be unveiling the waxworks next Tuesday and have asked all fans to call by. "Our fans have to come and help us celebrate."

They revealed how it was difficult to sit still while artists worked on their impressions.


"We had to go in and pose and stuff; they took loads of measurements, they measured our height and our hair," John said. "We had to stay still for ages, the whole thing took so much time."

Even though they posed for the statues over a year ago, the boys have only seen John's replica. "It's taken a long time. It's taken a year," Edward said. "We've only seen John's so far, we haven't seen mine, but we can't wait to see them together."

But the Herald can reveal that the waxworks won't be wearing any novelty capes or studded jackets.

Instead, they'll be decked out in the dapper suits they wore on the Eurovision red carpet. John added: "Louis Copeland did our suits, they're super smart."

Once the launch is complete, they will be focusing on the return of their TV show Jedward's Dream Factory.

They now have their mum Susan with them full time after tour manager Liam McKenna went on to tackle other projects.

"Liam has gone to work as an elf for Santa," John said. "We see Liam; it's no big deal. We're still friends with him."

Edward added: "It's really nice having our mom with us. She's the best. She's got our best interests at heart. She does everything for us anyway, so now she's officially doing it."

The TV series will include appearances from celebrities including Kelly Brook, David Hasslehoff and JLS.

"Christmas is our favourite time of year. It's the best. We're doing Jedward's Dream Factory again. It's even bigger and better this year," John said.

"Making kids dreams come true is the best."