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OMG! It's Jedward on Segways as we get a sneak peek of panto

SEGWAYS, beanstalks and backflips. It's all in a day's work for panto kings Jedward.

The duo are set to lift the curtain on their sell-out Christmas show.

And the boys let the Herald go backstage to give readers an exclusive first look at Jedward And The Beanstalk before it opens on Thursday.

John and Edward were busy rehearsing their lines yesterday along with mentor Linda Martin who is also working hard on a new Eurosong entry.


She told the Herald that while all the panto madness is getting under way she is also trawling through hundreds of song entries to find "the one".

Linda, who will star alongside the twins at the Olympia Theatre Christmas pantomime, admitted that finding a winning song for their Eurosong 2012 bid has proved difficult.

Linda said: "No, we haven't a song at this stage. We put out the feelers and went through all the songs that came in.

"I've done as much as possible and we have had songs from Europe, from the UK, from Ireland, everywhere and I've listened to them all.

"There are some good ones, but 'the one' hasn't come up yet. I know what it's going to be like, it's got to suit the boys."

"I'm looking for an up-tempo pop song with a European rhythm going on, I'll know it when I hear it."

Former Eurovision winner Linda is set to act as Jedward's mentor for the Eurosong final on RTE's The Late Late Show in February.

The Why Me? singer will go head to head with other mentors, talent agent Julian Benson, TV producer Bill Hughes, singer Edele Lynch and musician Greg French.

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