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Olly scared of One Direction pranks if he drinks in the US

XTRA Factor presenter Olly Murs (27) has told of his delight at joining Niall Horan and his One Direction bandmates on tour in America.

However, he revealed to the Diary how he might join the boys in their booze ban -- but only because he's worried they might try to stitch him up.

The chart-topping band made up of Niall (18), Liam Payne (18), Harry Styles (18), Zayn Malik (19) and Louis Tomlinson (20) may be taking the States by storm but they're still too young to drink in the US.

"It will be good to hang out with them and I'm sure it will be nice for them to see a familiar face as well. I'm the only one who can drink, though, so I'm a bit worried they'll pull a prank on me while I'm there," said Olly.

"Being asked on tour is great as obviously I'm a nobody over there. It's going to be nice to introduce the single and see what people think of it and hopefully I'll do well in the seven weeks I'm there and come back with an American hit. That would be just amazing."

The crooner jetted into Dublin on Sunday to perform on the Voice Of Ireland at the Helix.

And he joked how being on the programme was like "going behind enemy lines", given his job on the Xtra Factor.