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Ollie is a natural but Pippa will not sign him just yet

SHE is a well-known model, one half of a renowned socialite couple and is no stranger to taking her young son along to photoshoots.

But model mum Pippa O'Connor promised that she won't be entering 11-month-old Ollie, her first child with presenter husband Brian Ormond, into any model agencies.

Cute Ollie showed off his crop of long blond locks, which Pippa said he gets from Brian, during a family photoshoot for the launch of national portrait day last week.

While model boss Andrea Roche described him as a natural in front of the camera, Pippa said she would never consider it seriously.

"We didn't talk about it before and no we're not interested in anything like that," the 28-year-old told the Diary.

"He's just a baby.

"He's done Mothercare things and if someone asked I would consider it, but I wouldn't purposely go looking."


While busy Pippa is happy with her lot for the time being, she is dying to meet an exciting new arrival, the first child for her model boss Andrea Roche.

The former model is now a week overdue and "waiting it out" at home, but Pippa said she is doing well.

"She is doing great and I can't wait to meet her little baby," the model turned blogger said.