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Nutrition class provides food for thought as Holly broadens her horizons


Holly Carpenter with rugby star ex boyfriend Cian Healy.

Holly Carpenter with rugby star ex boyfriend Cian Healy.

Holly Carpenter with rugby star ex boyfriend Cian Healy.

SHE may have dipped her toe in foreign waters when she took part in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, but Holly Carpenter has insisted she's a home bird.

Although a number of Ireland's catwalk queens have packed their bags and moved abroad to boost their careers farther afield – namely Georgia Salpa and Ruth O'Neill – 22-year-old Holly revealed to the Diary that she has no desire to set up camp outside of Ireland any time soon.


The Clontarf native, who is dating Irish and Leinster rugby player Cian Healy, said she does not want to give up on Dublin and her loyal client base here just yet.

She said: "It's hard when you get so much work at home to think about moving. You get into a comfort zone and if you go away for a long period of time you'd be afraid you might lose your regular clients.

"It was a year ago that I flew over to the UK to film BINTM, and I was talking to all the girls who I did the show with and we can't believe how quickly it's all gone, but I still don't have plans to go over there, I'm still having a look around to see what's here first."

Although they've been a couple for two years, Holly and 26-year-old Cian are not planning on moving in together.

"We're just playing it by ear because he's away a lot with rugby and Irish camp ever week," said the model.

"Anyway, we live five minutes from each other, so it's good the way it is at the moment."

Well aware that modelling has a shelf life, brunette beauty Holly is looking into taking a nutrition course to add some more "credibility" to her fashion and food blog.


"I'm getting so much feedback on the food and nutrition side of things on the blog that I would like to do a proper course of some kind, just to give me a bit of credibility and so people can't say, 'Sure, she's just a model, what does she know?'" she said.

"I'd really like to learn a bit more about it, even though I never thought I would be into that kind of thing, but I want to start planning for life after modelling.

"I'm going to ask nutritionist Rosanna Davison what advice she has, and I'll probably do a course in the evenings."