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Now Ronan fears kiss and tell

RONAN Keating now fears a brutal kiss and tell could be the final nail in the coffin of his marriage.

Devastated wife Yvonne has already seen their relationship dragged through the mud after her husband's alleged affair with a Boyzone dancer.

But the Herald has learned that a host of British tabloids are vying to tell Francine Cornell's side of the story, and one paper is believed to have secured her signature.

The Boyzone star was back in Dublin today preparing to beg Yvonne to take him back.

He has just weeks to save his marriage before jetting to Australia for an extended working trip as a judge on X Factor Down Under.

Sources close to the family have told the Herald that Yvonne is already preparing for a life without her husband, and her primary concern is the couple's three children.

Producers still expect the singer to fulfil his contract and spend three months in Australia.

A spokesperson for Australia's Channel 7 was not available for comment but sources say Keating (33) has not indicated that he wants to pull out of the show.

The father-of-three was hiding out with friends after a series of emotional concerts in Switzerland where he dedicated a song to his heartbroken wife.

Despite looking drained and tired, Keating told the crowd that he did nothing except sleep yesterday.

Unlike betrayed Yvonne (36), he was still wearing his wedding ring last night as he came close to breaking down during a rendition of If Tomorrow Never Comes. Announcing his final song of the SkyDance festival night, he declared: "Thank you Zurich. Until next time ... life truly is a rollercoaster."

After the performance, he told a pal: "I just want to go home."


A spokesperson defended Keating's decision to go ahead with the three day series of gigs.

"He had an obligation for Swiss television channel SF1 to do it," they said.

The love cheat was scheduled to jet back to Ireland today via London amid speculation that he is set for a last-gasp showdown with Yvonne (36), aimed at saving their 12-year marriage.

His estranged wife appeared in public yesterday dressed in an eloquent white v-neck top and a floral full length skirt.

However, the other woman at the centre of the controversy, Francine Cornell (26), has gone to ground.

Her sister Emily, who runs a dance school in Leeds, hung-up when contacted by the Herald today. It emerged over the weekend that Keating had been seeing the dancer for seven months.

And friends of the singer are now said to be concerned that she might engage in a kiss-and-tell interview for a newspaper in the coming weeks.

Sources have suggested that Cornell would stand to make in excess of €100,000 if she decides to sell her story to a newspaper or TV chatshow.

Their affair was uncovered when Yvonne discovered an "offside phone" that Keating was using to keep in secret contact with the dancer.

Both Yvonne and Ronan are said to be extremely worried about the impact their high-profile breakup will have on their children -- Jack (11), Marie (9) and Ali (4).

The family were due to travel to LA for an extended summer holiday this year but cancelled the trip after Ronan landed a plum job as a judge on the Australian version of X Factor.

He is scheduled to move abroad next month and the job will involve travelling between Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

In an interview just days before confirming his split from Yvonne, he said that he hoped the children would be able to visit him at some stage.

At last night's gig in Switzerland, he didn't mention the tough break-up but thanked his family, saying: "I just slept all day today. All I've been doing is resting. I would like to thank my mum and dad."