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Now Nell focuses on being a model mum

Model and fitness fanatic Nell McAndrew has shown off her new baby daughter – and says that children are now her priority.

The 39-year-old – who has become a mum for the second time – said keeping on top form is now taking a back seat.

In an interview with Hello!, she said: "As much as I love running and exercise, I'm in no rush to cram an intense exercise programme into my days. My children are my priority and I'll fit in exercise as and when I can."

The model has completed a number of marathons, many with impressive times, but is now concentrating on Anya, who was born two months ago, and her boy Devon (6).

She said: "I am pretty much back in shape, but still have a roundness to my tummy."

Nell said her son has been excited by the new arrival.

"The day after she was born I took her to show-and-tell at Devon's school. While I was there he rested his arm on my shoulder and I could tell he was really proud.

"He's been so good and really patient with me because I can't do things so quickly with him if Anya needs me. I know he'll be very protective of her. He's been much better than we thought."

McAndrew said she is getting used to broken sleep again: "Anya wakes about every two hours, but when she's up at night and the house is quiet and still, it's nice to have time together just so I can look at her."