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Now model mummy Ruth swaps catwalk for books as UCD business exams loom

BEING a model mum would be enough work for some but catwalk queen Ruth Griffin also wants to be a star pupil.

With the modelling season winding down, it's full steam ahead for the model who is hitting the library in advance of her exams.

It'll be hardcore study sessions for the mum-of-one, who is hoping to finish the first year of her business masters at UCD's Smurfit Business School with A grades all round, as well as looking after son AJ.

The 35-year-old told the Herald that she's hitting the textbooks for the next six weeks, to conquer the "tough" material.

"It's knuckle down time now, there are two subjects which I find very tough, corporate finance and accounting. I'm not naturally affiliated towards maths, so this semester has been harder for me.


"I've three exams and assignments to be handed in at the end of May and then I'm off for two months, so I'm really looking forward to doing nothing and not having to think about any of that.

"Next year will be a full year because I'll have my thesis to do too, but I'm not thinking about that at the moment," said Ruth, who wants to plan a holiday to Spain or Portugal for a couple of weeks with her family to wind down during her summer break.

"Girly holidays are numbered for me now for a few years, a lot of us have kids ... a three-year-old can be a handful, so I'll hopefully have some help with my little fella if we go away."

The Rathgar native, who recently moved to Andrea Roche's modelling agency, revealed that she's really enjoying getting to know some of her new colleagues, including newlywed Pippa O'Connor, who hosted a dinner party on Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

"I didn't really know Pippa beforehand, she's so sweet, a really genuinely nice person."

But Ruth admitted that although she was asked to appear on the TV3 show, it's not something that's "appropriate" for her, even though she agrees the cook-off series makes for fun TV viewing.

"I would never say never to doing something on TV, but it's not a goal for me. I'm looking for something a bit more steady, but having said that something could come up in the future."

Meanwhile, Ruth will soon be reuniting with old pals. "I'm really looking forward to Aoife Cogan's hen night," she said.