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Now Jungle King Kian wants to take on Bear Grylls in TV roles

After a cold winter snap, Kian Egan is back on our TV screens and we can expect to see plenty more of him in the coming months.

The dad-of-one has been inundated with UK presenting offers since nabbing the jungle crown but Kian says no matter how many gigs he notches up in the UK, Ireland will always be home.

"I will always be based in Ireland," he told the Diary.

"It's my home country; always has been, always will be. I love working and living in Ireland and I don't want that to change.

"There are projects I will still do here. And the UK is only an hour away – it's not impossible to do one show there and another here. I mean it was a lot more extreme when I was in Westlife. But Koa, Jodi and I are staying here." Huzzah.


The Voice of Ireland is now in full flight. Instead of eating kangaroo parts and chatting to Joey Essex, Kian is spending his days hanging around The Helix with Niall Breslin.

The Flying Without Wings singer says he would like to do more adrenaline filled shows in the future. In fact, Kian wouldn't mind becoming Ireland's answer to Bear Grylls.

"I would love to do an adrenaline junkie show set out in the wild. Or a show where I take celebrities and people who are really scared of helicopters and make them jump out of helicopters. Or get someone to do a shark dive. That sort of thing."

Despite being on RTE's biggest entertainment show, Kian says he has no desire to take over from Kathryn Thomas and front a 'shiny floor' TV show.

"I don't know if I want to do straight line presenting. I like doing things that are more me. I don't really like that whole here's an autocue, read what's on the autocue.

"I've tried it but I think you have to be extremely good at it for it to work. Shiny floor TV is not for me."

This year, Kian is all about showing off his softer side. He's also stopped hamming up the pantomime rivalry he and Bressie had in series one and two.

"The first thing I said to Bressie when I came back this season was 'Look man the last thing I want is arguing, it's boring, let's get past that' and he agreed.'

"I think year one of The Voice I got edited very unfairly," he laughed.

"Because they needed a Mr Nasty. And I probably gave them the tools to do that.

"This year it's more light-hearted," he said.

"Which I think works a lot better."