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Now Jedward are twinternet heroes

JEDWARD have the virtual world in their sights.

The Dublin twins feature in one fan's version of The Sims game -- and the boys are pushing for fans to appeal to Sims creators to build official John and Edward characters.

As Jedward's fame continues to rocket, fans have begun to create Jedward-themed memorabilia in all shapes and forms to commemorate the quiff-wearing duo.

The pair are famous for their personal interaction with fans, especially through their Twitter site.


Since they were notified about their recent appearance in The Sims 3, they have asked other fans to do the same.

"Everyone who has the sims ... make jedward sims! Everyone really wants Sims to create official Sims for JEDWARD (us)! SO EXCITED," they wrote on Twitter yesterday.

The message was followed by an instruction from the boys to send a message to The Sims 3 creators on their own Twitter if they wanted to see Jedward officially recognised.

With more than 40,000 followers, hundreds more Jedward characters are expected to crop up in the game over the coming weeks. Their current Sims appearance shows the boys dancing to their number one single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), with Vanilla Ice.

And staying true to their high octane on-stage antics, their Sims characters dance in fountains, on grass and fight off adoring fans. Sporting their signature quiffs, matching suits and the black sunglasses they wear in their music video, their Sims versions are very nearly the real deal.

Jedward are fast becoming one of the most successful acts to ever come out of X Factor, and are tipped to be millionaires by the end of the year, thanks to their numerous appearances and solo gigs.

Although the pair were dropped from their record label Sony last week, they were snapped up by Universal just hours later.

Meanwhile, an online petition has been launched for them to appear on the biggest morning show in the USA, Good Morning America.

The site reads: "If John and Edward (also known as Jedward) were to be on Good Morning America, it would be a great start for their fame in the USA, and great publicity for the show. When they become big here, fans can say 'I found out about them from Good Morning America!'"