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Now it's our Pippa's rear that's catching everyone's attention

IT appears our own Pippa O'Connor might be giving Pippa Middleton a run for her money when it comes to shapely posteriors.

Pippa's husband Brian Ormond was in the dog house after tweeting a picture of her rear as she got ready for a day at the races.

The Herald can reveal how the cheeky TV presenter unveiled his other half's pert behind to all his followers after an overnight stay in Carton House.

Pippa had posted a picture of the grounds at the Maynooth hotel with the comment: "Good morning, what a lovely view."

Brian immediately responded with his own picture of Pippa's behind.

"Good morning Ireland! Something tells me my view is WAY better!"

The presenter then added how he "couldn't resist" and was "so dead".

However, Pippa obviously took it all in good fun as the pair went on to enjoy a day out at Fairyhouse Racecourse at the Easter Festival.

The couple were ensconced in a VIP suite with 40 other guests -- with Pippa calling her hubbie a "brat" for posting the photo, saying she was mortified.

"I forgave him because it's Easter," she told the Herald. "I'm here with Carton House and I'm having great fun and have had a few winners too."

The Kildare native, who made her Come Dine With Me debut last night, was joined at the event by guests including Celia Holman Lee, Sean Munsanje with fiance Chris Doyle and stylist Cathy O'Connor.