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Now I know what the girls see in 'magnetic' Harry - TV3's Karen

TV presenter Karen Koster says she fell for the charms of One Direction's Harry Styles when interviewing him earlier this month.

The 18-year-old popstar is famed for having an eye for the older ladies.

"Harry definitely launches a charm offensive," Karen (30) said. "He's totally magnetic.

"But it's a low-burn charm offensive. He's quiet and unassuming and then you suddenly realise you love him.

"When you're chatting with him, he just locks his eyes on you and you feel like you're the only person in the world who has ever asked him that question."

Harry is making a name as a smooth operator, winning over the hearts of teenage girls and their mothers.

Last year Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack caused controversy when she started dating the 1D star. Fans were so enraged they even started anti-Caroline Flack groups online.

But Karen, who is engaged to businessman John McGuire, said she could sympathise.

"I quite understand why Caroline fell for him. Harry has an air of maturity. He isn't just your typical teenage boy, playing Angry Birds."

But it wasn't just Harry who caught Karen's eye.

"The other boys were lovely. I didn't fully appreciate how nice Zayn is.

"And then there is Niall, who is even more adorable than you can imagine."

The boys were in Dublin last week promoting their new single Live While We're Young. They were the first guests to test-drive TV3's new HD studio and Karen says their arrival was surprisingly low-key.

"Everything was top secret. No one knew that the boys were going to be out in Ballymount, so there weren't hordes of screaming girls."