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Now chef Clodagh dishes up her own TV show

CELEBRITY chef Clodagh McKenna is following the new trend of Irish cooking programmes by starting her own RTE series.

After the massive success of Come Dine With Me Ireland, Celebrity Head Chef and, most recently Masterchef, Clodagh is set to make her mark on Irish TV.

The Dublin chef has just launched two new restaurants in Arnotts on Henry Street, and now she says she will be following in the footsteps of pals Dylan McGrath and Nick Munier.

"I will be making my own cooking show with RTE which will be airing next spring. We will be filming parts of it in the new restaurant but it won't be a fly on the wall series. It will just be about the food," she said.

"But I always watch the cooking competitions. I'm loving Masterchef at the moment, Dylan and Nick are fantastic on it. I love the show. But at the moment I wouldn't have time for a show like that. I'm looking forward to doing my own thing," she revealed.

Clodagh made the comments while launching her two restaurants in Arnotts, named Homemade By Clodagh.

"I don't look at this in anyway like a celebrity endorsement, I just look at it as being my job. I'm in here five days a week building up the restaurant, I want to make sure that every single thing is right.

"I decided about a year ago that I wanted to do something big in town and I met with the people from Arnotts and it was a perfect fit for me. There is nowhere else I would rather have it. Arnotts is so accessible for everyone and there is no snobbery here," she explained.