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Not the face ... beauties to take part in a charity boxing tournament

YOU can hit them anywhere -- but just don't hurt the face.

A number of Ireland's well-known models are taking part in a charity boxing tournament.

But nobody could carry off a broken nose and black eye in photocalls after the event.

So organisers, the Wright Venue, have ordered custom-made face protection masks for model participants Roz Purcell, Holly Carpenter (pictured left), Lynne Kelly, Daniella Moyles and Lisa Nolan.

"The Wright Venue has ordered in some custom made protective face masks from America especially for the occasion," Lisa told the Herald.

"I'll box for charity, but there's no way I'll break my nose doing it," she added.

The girls are now busy training for the event which will take place in the Wright Venue on August 5.

The girls, along with a number of other contestants including Tallafornia star Dave Behan, are hoping to raise more than €20,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation.

The intense training for the event will last for six weeks -- although Lisa promises there won't be too many early starts.

"Early mornings? No way," laughed Lisa.

"Training will definitely be happening in the evenings if I can help it.