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Nose rings and mullets – grunge back in style

BELIEVE it or not but nose rings and the mullet are back.

An increasing number of stylish ladies are putting out a rebel yell and embracing the grunge look.

Kelly Donegan has been sporting a gold nose ring in recent months.

"This is me. I've had it for ages," she told the Herald.

"People saw me on Tallafornia they think they know what I'm like and what I'm about but this is how I dress and this is the real me."

Love/Hate star Aoibhinn McGinnity also has the nasal piercing.

"I got it done a few years back. I put it back in when I'm in between jobs," she said. Sinead Kennedy is also a fan of the rocking rings.

She's often has a neat nose ring but goes for a small silver stud on Winning Streak.

Blathnaid Treacy is known for her rock and roll sense of style and is also following the trend.


It's not just Irish celebrities getting the preferred piercing; Evan Rachel Wood has the nasal bling, singer Pink loves a stand out nose stud as does Demi Lovato.

According to piercer and tattoo artist Patrick Aultice at Zulul Tattoo the trend is continuing to rise. "There's been a definite increase in the number of women coming in and getting nose piercing," he told the Herald.

Nasal bling to one side, that 80s classic is also back – the mullet.

And according to beauty buffs the ironic haircut is coming back – we can thank Rihanna and Edie Campbell for that.