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Norton insists there's been no chat about him replacing Ross

TV host Graham Norton said he has had no discussions about replacing Jonathan Ross when his popular chat series ends.

Norton said he was unsure whether the BBC would run another chat slot on Friday evenings after Ross's decision to leave the corporation when his contract ends.

The Cork man, who recently renewed his contract with the BBC, had seemed an obvious choice to replace Ross and emerged as an early favourite.


But speaking at the gala premiere of West End show Legally Blonde last night, he said: "I don't think a chat show will go straight in there and he's not on all the year, other things are in that slot anyway, so I guess it's up to the BBC to see what works in that slot."

Asked whether he had been called about replacing Ross, he joked: "I do have a phone and it has rung, yes. But about this? No. It's an hour in the schedule and I have no idea what's going to happen. I do a show called The Graham Norton Show, that's what I do, I'm not going to suddenly start doing the Jonathan Ross show, whatever happens."

Ross made the surprise announcement that he was parting from the BBC last week when his contract finishes in the summer. He also hosts a show on Radio 2 and the Film review programme for BBC1.

Norton joked: "There'll be another chat show along in a second, they're like buses."