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Norris tips helped The Wire's West pass TCD test

THE Wire star Dominic West has revealed how David Norris gave him a little extra help in advance of a Trinity exam.

West, who attended the Dublin college in the early 1990s, panicked in advance of a university exam on James Joyce.

"I had a wonderful time at Trinity for four years when I did almost no work and achieved nothing. But there were two things I did that did me proud.

"I met my wife here, Catherine, and she gave me a brief passionate fling in the summer of 1990," he joked.


He recalled going to David Norris's house which was near his flat, and telling him that he didn't think he'd be able for the final exam on Ulysses.

"I went to him ... and I said I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I don't think I can sit the exam, and he said don't worry, we're not out to trick anyone, I'll give you the questions," West joked.

While the star joked that he'd idled away his time in Trinity and even fabricated his results for his Erasmus year in Paris, it didn't stand in his way of becoming a star on both sides of the Atlantic.

"The first job I got was in an O'Casey play in Dublin, and the job has been fairly good ever since. "


West, who begins filming series two of the popular BBC series The Hour on Monday, said he would love to work with Irish directors someday because he's a big fan.In particular he would like to team up with Neil Jordan and Lenny Abrahamson on a film project. Abrahamson is well known for his film Adam and Paul, and West admires the director.

Sporting a beard and accompanied by his wife Catherine to Trinity last night, he received a medal of honorary patronage from the university's Philosophical society and dedicated it to his late mother.