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Norah aiming for year to remember

AFTER admitting she didn't have much of a life in 2013, broadcaster Norah Casey says she is ready to make some happy memories with her nearest and dearest this year.

After quitting her full-time breakfast show with Newstalk and stepping back from her role as CEO of her publishing company Harmonia, Norah said she has finally found the TV roles that are right for her.

And with a new man in her life, Norah said she's "very happy" right now.

"Quite a lot of the year I was getting up at 4am and being a businesswoman so I kind of look back and go 'how did you do that?'" Norah said. "The down side of that is I didn't have much of a life; I just had Saturday nights off, spending it with my mum and (son) Dara.

"In July I took the conscious decision not to do that anymore and to decide what I wanted to do, which included my book and the TV series.

"I feel that 2014 is definitely going to be my year where I will do what I want to do and what I am good at."