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Noirin is living in fear as cyber-stalker starts following her in real life

Big Brother star Noirin Kelly is fearing for her safety after a cyber-stalker has begun following her in real life.

The Dublin model told the Herald she has asked Twitter security staff in the US to launch an investigation to establish who is impersonating her on the social networking site.

But the 26-year-old said she may also have to ask gardai to look into the matter as she believes the person is following her to events.


The stalker has started to regularly post new photographs of her on the site, as well as harassing her friends, including top model Georgia Salpa.

Noirin explained: "I've had to email Twitter about it to try to get the profile removed because it's not me. I want to get it cancelled. It is illegal to impersonate somebody.

"I don't mind fan-sites but this isn't one of them. The person has started sending some inappropriate messages to my friends and is also posting pictures of me at events so they are obviously following me to stuff -- it's getting quite scary.

"I think they are getting the information from my Facebook page which is quite open so my fans can see what I'm up to.

"I was working in Tullamore with Georgia Salpa not that long ago and the person even posted a picture of me and her from down there. I can tell from the angle of the photo that it was by someone pretending to be a fan.

"I didn't mind too much initially but then I got a text from Georgia saying that a person pretending to be me on Twitter was sending her messages like 'I love you' and stuff like that -- thank God she realised I wouldn't say that kind of thing, otherwise she would have thought I was a lesbian.

"It is getting totally out of hand and very embarrassing for me. I looked up the profile and a lot of the comments make me sound like a right ditz, so I'm not very comfortable about people thinking it is me."

Noirin revealed her parents have pleaded with her to report the incidents to local gardai.


"I haven't done it yet but my dad was very concerned when the photos started appearing because he pointed out that the person is now following me when I go out -- so it's not even just cyber-stalking anymore.

"It seems like the whole thing has become an obsession for the person. I hope it's not anyone I know but it could be absolutely anyone.

"I had a Facebook stalker before who was sending me angry messages but my boyfriend James sorted it out for me and I haven't heard from him since," she added.