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No wedding bells on horizon despite rumours, says Kathryn

IT'S the question she is asked most -- but Kathryn Thomas has again rubbished suggestions that she may be getting hitched.

The former No Frontiers presenter (31) has been dating Enda Waters for more than three years and the pair have been living together for the past two.

But there's no chance of her following in Brian and Amy's footsteps anytime soon.

"No. No wedding bells on the horizon," she told the Herald. "Everything has just been a whirlwind for the last while and I guess the assumption is that because I'm not flying around that I'm settling down and all of a sudden I'm going to have the wedding, four kids and the dogs!

"As I said, I'm going to live each day and live it as if it was my last."


She also admitted that she wasn't shocked when she heard the news about No Frontiers. "What they have decided to do is rest it for another year and re-evaluate it after that," she said. "But I wasn't particularly shocked or surprised when I heard. I started it when I was 21 and grew up with this amazing privilege to travel around the world and bring the information into people's living rooms," she continued.

"I consider myself very lucky to have had it for so long. Now I feel it's time to look at other options and avenues. When you're away for as long as I was, it's difficult to commit to anything else."

The laid-back presenter spent ten years travelling around the world with the RTE programme and branched out last year into co-hosting game show Winning Streak.

But when it comes to her next career move, she would only tell the RTE Guide that she has a few things in the pipeline and can't divulge the details yet.

"When people ask me where I see myself in five years' time, I'm so bad at answering that type of question, because I've always been somebody that lives from day to day," she said.