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No rules to looking after new baby - Brian

HAVING a newborn can be chaotic; with nappies, bottles and baby food everywhere.

While others may look for help, support or even a miracle worker, confident dad Brian Ormond says he has no intention of giving or taking parenting advice.

"I don't understand people who say 'This is the way you do this or that'," Brian told the Herald.

"Every family is different and every child is different. There is no correct set of rules.

"A lot of people give you their opinions when they become a parent but I don't think we'll be preaching to people anytime soon. That's not our style."


Despite sharing their nuptials with the public in documentary Brian And Pippa Get Married, Brian says they'll be keeping snaps of baby Ollie to themselves.

"We're not going down the magazine route. It's a private and personal time."

Brian and Pippa welcomed baby Ollie into the world six weeks ago. And Brian says they have spent the past few weeks getting used to their new delivery.

"When Pippa came out of hospital we just spent a week on our own. We turned off the phones and focused on finding our feet and getting to know him. We just enjoyed being around him for five days.

"It was great because you really connect."

Brian was talking at the launch of Heaven Cents – an initiative encouraging punters to donate their loose change to Ireland's National Children's Hospitals.