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No rest for Saoirse as she turns 18 on set of new sci-fi thriller

SHE'S just turned 18 -- but Saoirse Ronan's former tutor has vowed that adult roles can wait.

There was no rest for the Irish actress who worked through her milestone birthday on a movie set in LA.

Saoirse is busy filming for upcoming movie How I Live Now and was away from her home county of Carlow for the event.

But close family friend and former tutor Paul Huggard said that the family will be celebrating Saoirse's 18th birthday with her in the US.

"They will be celebrating, they always do. Like anyone else, turning 18 is a big birthday," he told the Herald.

Mr Huggard was the actress's tutor on set in 2009 and 2010 and is a close pal of the Ronan family.

And he thinks that there is no rush for Saoirse to move onto the grown-up roles.

"I'd say that will happen more in her twenties that the roles that she gets will change," he said.

"She's played a lot of different roles and she's had a lot of different experience in playing different types of characters already which will stand to her in the future."


"It's great to see her doing so well and progressing," he said. "She's so creative and she's a great actress but she has always regained her sense of self and she's never let it go to her head."

The young star has already earned an Oscar nomination, won BAFTA nominations and numerous IFTAs for her performances.

And the teen's star is set to rise even higher when big budget The Host hits screens next year.

Fans of Stephenie Meyer, the author behind the cult classics Twilight, were treated to a first glimpse of her latest movie venture.

Billed as her first adult novel, The Host nabbed acclaimed sci-fi director Andrew Niccol.

Saoirse plays the character of the last few surviving free-willed human beings, as well as the alien "soul" that attempts to inhabit her body.

The film is currently being shot in New Mexico, and the first teaser trailer is expected to debut online later today.