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No regrets as glam mum Dee gets the boot from Style Wars

STYLE Wars yummy mummy Dee Farrell insists she has no plans to give her onscreen rivals the cold shoulder at the series star-studded wrap party next week.

The Donnybrook mum-of-two (41) and 38-year-old Welsh shirt designer Paul Alexander Keeley, the show's oldest contestants, became the latest evictees in a shock double elimination last night.

They were dumped from the competition after disappointing head judge Caprice with their efforts to create red dresses from scratch as part of a Special K fashion challenge.

Glamorous Dee, who was wrongly branded a racist and a troublemaker during the series, revealed she wasn't surprised to be kicked off the show due to her lack of fashion design skills.


"We're the most fab and glamorous contestants, so I'm glad we got eliminated together.

"For a person who barely stitches buttons on a blouse, I was happy with my dress. I could have taken a more exciting approach but I decided to keep things classic because that is my style.

"I think they were disappointed I didn't show more flair but I was genuinely proud of myself. I would have loved to go through to the end but it was a fantastic experience and it really brought my confidence levels up."

Only one episode remains in the TV3 series, with the three finalists Grace Mangan (25), David Greene (24) and Holly Shortall (21) set to battle it out in the final next Tuesday.

The celebrity judges and contestants have all been invited to a VIP party to celebrate the unveiling on the winner next week.

Dee revealed she has only stayed in touch with Paul and Zoe Wong since wrapping up her stint on Style Wars but she doesn't hold a grudge against any of the other contestants.

"I have been surprised and let down by some of the things that have been said about me but there are no grudges against anyone; life is too short for that kind of thing.

"I don't let that kind of negativity get to me. When I was younger I know I made mistakes and it's a learning curve so I'm sure they will learn.

"I'm looking forward to the party next week. I talk to Zoe and Paul a lot and I'm sure I'll be speaking to the others."

Dee is now hoping to find her dream job to become a professional stylist but she revealed she would also consider another reality TV series.


"I'd love to do a feelgood series. I think I have great fashion sense and great style so I would love to combine that with something that makes people happy.

"I got a lot out of doing this show and I don't think I got eliminated because the other contestants were better than me. They are there because they made better dresses than I did in that particular task but I don't think they were better overall," she added.